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Corporate governance - Oasis

Corporate governance

The Oasis Group recognises the important role of both corporate and project governance in being a leading financial services organisation. This is evidenced through its dedicated Company Secretariat and project governance professionals operating across the business.

Oasis Fund Management Limited
(Oasis trustee/IDPS operator)
Our mission is to protect investors' interests and investment balances through the development and delivery of strong and robust investment, compliance, risk management, disclosure and outsourcing processes and frameworks.

The Oasis Fund Management
(OFM) Board comprises a majority of independent non-executive directors to ensure the trustee can fulfil its duties to investors without conflict. OFM has appointed Macquarie Investment Management Limited ABN 66 002 867 003 AFSL 237492 (MIML, the Administrator) to provide administration services to the Fund/Service.
OFM is the trustee of the Oasis Superannuation Master Trust and Operator of the investor directed portfolio service.